Editorfail award of the week

Okay, this is actually for last week, but I'm behind on my comics (which I get late anyway thanks to my buying them online). Outsiders #23 wins it for that week.  I counted no less than three simple mistakes that should have been caught by a semi-competent editor with a minimal amount of research.

Outsiders 23 Error 1

Error #1: Katana's sword is not Soulcatcher. Its name is Soultaker.

Outsiders 23 Error 2 part 1
Outsiders 23 error 2 part 2

Error #2: Halo claims to have taken down Croc using heat beams that dried him out.  However, her green aura gives away the fact that she must have used her stasis aura. Her heat aura is red.

Outsiders 23 Error 3

Error #3: Owlman, did you really see eye movememt? Shouldn't there be an n in there somewhere?

So writer Peter J. Tomasi, colorist Brian Reber and editors Michael Siglain and Harvey Richards really went out of their ways to do nothing at all, and it earned them the award for the week.