Comics I read yesterday

Incorruptible TPB #2: Mark Waid proves to me once again why he's in my top 10 or even top 5 comic book writers.  Though I still prefer Irredemable, this is a great series set in the same universe.  The art was good, but it could be better.

Adventure Comics #518: Unfortunately, my copy had a binding/printing issue that affected both the Legion story and the Atom backup.

Batgirl #14: A great story that attempts to re-establish a link between Batgirl and Supergirl.  The worst thing about this issue for me was that it reminds me what we lost thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Batman #703: Finally, they allow Dick Grayson to do something and use the fact that he's Batman, rather than writing Batman in such a way that it doesn't matter who's wearing the costume.  However, once again they can't decide how long Bruce Wayne has been Batman, saying that he fought Getaway Genius ten years ago.  Up till recently, hasn't Bruce Wayne only been Batman for five years or so?  I guess Damian proves that wrong, but still they need to get their story straight.

Batman and Robin #14: Admittedly, I'm not a fan of Grant Morrison's current writing style.  Moreover, I really hate the way he writes Batman, particularly with respect to Batman's villains.  Morrison's point of view is, apparently, that Batman only fights villains who are insane and who speak in non sequiturs.  Unfortunately, that makes his stories totally incomprehensible for me anymore.

Batman: Odyssey #3: I can't believe this series is scheduled to go to 13 issues.  Neal Adams's art is great, but his writing is mediocre at best.  I don't remember Talia even acting the way he writes her in this issue, and since when does "water" rhyme with "order" (a sub-plot in the story depends on this rhyme)?

Booster Gold #36: Keith Giffen writes an okay story, but it's obvious that he's at his best when his writing is tempered by J. M. DeMatteis.  And really, Estrogina? It's official, all the hero names have been taken if this is the best he could come up with.

Doc Savage #6: The Doc Savage story plods along, and I have an idea they don't know where they are going with it.  The Avenger story begins a new arc, and was intruiging.  Generally I've enjoyed the backup stories more than the main stories, and I'm a fan of the Doc Savage pulps.

Doctor Solar #2: While this issue was certainly better than the first, and much better than the first issue of Magnus, Robot Fighter, it appears that Jim Shooter has forgotten that kids occasionally read comics.  I wouldn't want my kid reading this one.

 More to come later this week, I promise.