Harry Potter and Emerald City Comicon

If you haven't been paying attention, the Harry Potter books were recently released for electronic readers.  I, for one, say that it's about time they did it.  What surprised me was how it happened.

Trying to buy it from Barnes and Noble, since I have a Nook reader, I followed the link and saw that there was no pricing shown.  I refreshed the page, thinking that it might not have gotten the page correct the first time, but it still didn't come up.  So I decided to try to purchase it, at which point it would have to tell me the price, right?

Surprisingly, it took me off B&N's site to the new Pottermore website store.  Purchasing it there gave me the ability not only to download it up to eight times, but also to link my B&N account so that the books became "natively" part of my Nook's ecosystem.  My dream has finally started to come true, that my Nook account is effectively a locker that my Nook connects to for me to read my books.  I'm sure B&N didn't get as much for my purchase as they would have if I had purchased it directly from them, but I'm sure they will still be making out like bandits on all the sales of the series.

Reading the series again, which I haven't read for years, is definitely like revisiting an old friend.  I still feel the disgust I felt the first time I read about Harry's poor treatment by his aunt and uncle, and the sense of wonder when Harry gets chosen by his wand.  Yes, the later books were a bit too long and could have stood with a bit of editing, which probably didn't happen as much because of the meteoric rise of fame J. K. Rowling received, but the series is still amazingly good.

On another note, I'm going to be at Emerald City Comicon this weekend!  If you are planning to be there, I would love to meet you.  Just post a note in the comments!