The new look

You may have noticed a few changes! My domain name was coming up for renewal, and while I had been relatively happy with GoDaddy, their support of some bad legislation in the form of SOPA and PIPA had me looking for a new domain name service.  In addition, while I loved my old hosting service, SquareSpace, I had a few ideas for my site that they couldn't support.  So I started looking around, and discovered Bluehost.  For about 1/3rd of what I was spending before, I could set up a Wordpress site with unlimited storage, which would give me quite a bit of flexibility. It took me a weekend or so to move my old posts from SquareSpace, to find and implement a comic-styled theme, and to set up all the pictures and links in my posts.  Pretty soon, I will be uploading some of my photographs, and I'm hoping I will also be starting my DC Comics Chronology project.  More on that another day.

Please feel free to leave me comments on the look, or if you find anything that doesn't work.  I've tested quite a bit of it, since there isn't much to test yet, but I could have missed something.